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Finding Answer to The Burning Question: Can Cannabis Alone Cure Cancer?

While many researchers have found positive effects of cannabis oil for anxiety, most of them have shied away from answering this burning question. The short and simple answer to this much-debated question is, no.

Even though many researchers showed that cannabis oil can help patients suffering from cancer, not a single one of them has indicated that it alone can cure cancer.

Cannabis Oil for Anxiety

The long answer to this question is, however, much more complicated. The researchers have found out some intriguing cancer-fighting abilities of cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Some of the pharmaceutical companies have got positive results of cannabinoid medicines on patients with aggressive brain tumors. While these results were positive, none of the studies showed absolutely dramatic results. Even though some patients as well as researchers have extolled the results of cannabis oil, the risks and harms of using cannabis oil as a cancer-treating strategy should not be overlooked.

A Clear Message from the Experts

For the last few years, the manufacturers of cannabis products have been going gaga about the positive effects of cannabis on the patients. While there is no doubt that CBD oil for anxiety does have some positive effects, they are not as elaborate.

Also, the risks of taking up cannabis oil as a cancer-fighting strategy are not being talked about enough. That is one of the reasons why the researchers working on the field have thought about sending a clear message to do away with all the confusion.

Proven Help of Appetite, Nausea and Pain

In an article published in the JAMA Oncology, the researchers have made it clear that the cannabis products have long been used by the doctors to help the patients to fight the side effects of cancer treatments.

The researches have proved that cannabis oil can help the patients in fighting problems like lack of appetite, nausea and pain of the chemotherapy. However, the researches conducted on the relationship between apoptosis and cannabis oil are significantly limited.

Cannabis Oil for Anxiety

The researchers have pointed out that almost all the cultural studies that have shown the positive effects of cannabis oil on the cancerous cells are conducted on cultured plates or using the animal models of cancer.

In this researches, CBD oil for anxiety has shown a wide array of effects on the growth of cancer cells. Activating cell deaths, blocking cell divisions, inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels in the tumors, preventing the cancer cells from migrating and invading the neighbouring tissues etc. are some of the most positive effects that the CBD oil had on the cancer cells.

While that shows the incredible potential of cannabis oil, people should understand that there are still doubts about whether it will show the same effect on humans. More often than not, the results from the animal models or the cultured cells fail to carry over to the human body.

The main takeaway from the researchers is that treating individual cancer patients with cannabis oil for anxiety may or may not be beneficial. So, even if the cannabis oil can reduce the symptoms of the cancer patients, they should not use it as a substitute for the conventional methods of treatment of cancer. In fact, the patients should interact with their doctors before they start to use cannabis oil along with their traditional treatment.

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