Detox Centers Vs Rehab Centers

While detox centers are often used in conjunction with rehab centers, they also work in isolation. An outpatient treatment program may be a good option for some individuals. Outpatient facilities are similar to detox centers in that they provide support and supervision, but are not overnight stays. The goal of an inpatient treatment program is to help a patient transition from the withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction to more productive functioning.

Detox Centers vs Rehab Centers

  • While detox programs are generally less expensive than rehab programs, detox alone is often more affordable for some people. In addition, many people are unable to attend an inpatient rehab program while they undergo withdrawal symptoms. A detox program can offer a safe and healthy environment for those trying to recover from addiction. The difference between rehab and detox is in the treatment method. While inpatient rehab facilities offer the most comprehensive care, detox centers focus on shorter-term recovery.
  • After detox, patients are likely to continue their treatment. Without ongoing support, people struggling with addiction are unlikely to remain sober. Inpatient rehab centers offer inpatient treatment, while outpatient treatment focuses on outpatient treatment. Both types of rehab facilities provide intensive care and often refer patients to a community-based outpatient program. Outpatient treatment programs are usually less expensive, requiring a visit to a facility several hours per day and fulfilling other obligations. After detox, individuals can benefit from support groups and community-based organizations.
  • While detoxification is the first step in rehabilitation, it is a crucial part of the process. For instance, it can help a person go through the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are both physically and psychologically draining. A detox center helps a person cope with these symptoms and prepares them for the next phase of rehabilitation. After detox, a person can then move on to residential treatment or outpatient treatment.
  • The cost of rehab is a major barrier for many families. Even with health insurance, the cost can still be prohibitive. This is why many families choose to seek treatment in a hospital or a rehab center. If you are unable to afford to pay for a rehab, you should consider a detox center in a different state. This will allow you to live at home while detoxing.
  • Rehab center can help an individual with their addiction. After detox, an addict may need a rehabilitation program to achieve long-term recovery. Unlike outpatient programs, an inpatient rehab program will require a doctor’s supervision. The goal of an inpatient treatment is to keep a patient in the facility for as long as possible. A medically-supervised detox program will help the patient recover from withdrawal symptoms.